Our tracks serve as the fundamental support for your sliding doors. We are committed to utilizing the most superior, robust tracks available in the market. These tracks will retain their structural integrity, withstand the most rigorous usage, and prove their longevity over time.

The Secret to Smooth Sliding Doors – Rollers


sliding doors are the epitome of convenience. They grant easy access to your garden or patio, enhance the aesthetics of your space, and flood your indoors with natural light. This is precisely why, when these sliding doors encounter issues, prompt and professional repairs become a top priority.

The functionality of sliding doors relies on upper and lower tracks. When these tracks become bent, chipped, broken, or misaligned, your sliding door can quickly become a source of frustration and even danger. A jammed sliding door that refuses to open or close properly poses both inconvenience and security risks. Delaying the repair of broken sliding door tracks may lead to further deterioration, affecting components like rollers, ball bearings, and even the door itself. It’s crucial to address track issues promptly.

Addressing sliding door track repairs can be as simple as a thorough cleaning. Clearing away dirt and debris lodged in your sliding door track can often resolve minor track problems. However, more serious issues, such as bent or warped tracks, demand professional attention. Leave such matters to the experts, just as you would with any sliding door repairs. The proficient technicians at Reliable Door Repair are well-equipped to handle these tasks with skill and efficiency.

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Our licensed professionals will promptly arrive at your location after scheduling an appointment to assess your sliding door thoroughly. While the primary reason for the visit might be track-related, our experts will also inspect the door comprehensively, ensuring all potential issues are addressed in one go. It’s better to act proactively rather than let sliding door problems accumulate. Remember, a malfunctioning sliding door can compromise your home’s security, making a simple phone call a wise choice.

Reliable Door Repair offers comprehensive sliding door repair and replacement services, covering all sliding door components, including glass, track, rollers, handles, and locks. Our team of qualified and licensed professionals handles both minor and major issues promptly and cost-effectively. We stand by our Sliding Door guarantee: exceptional service at competitive prices, on-site and punctual, whether you require component repairs, sliding door repair, or a complete sliding door replacement.

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Sliding Door Track Repair

Issues like gouges, valleys, dents, waves, or divots on the ball and stem of the sliding door track (the section where rollers ride) can be attributed to worn-out rollers. To address such sliding door track repair problems, reliable door repair may apply a stainless-steel veneer cap over the damaged ball, creating a smooth surface for the new rollers to function correctly.

If the valleys or dents are too severe, a repair may not be effective, and a track replacement might be necessary. Vinyl or PVC doors typically result in a broken track at the ball and stem, which is unfixable and calls for a replacement. Some tracks contain smaller balls than required, causing quicker wear and tear on the rollers, as they ride on the ball.

Rollers are made from steel and stainless steel, while tracks are constructed from aluminum, a softer metal. Placing a heavy sliding glass door on an aluminum track with steel or stainless steel wheels can lead to the aluminum corroding over time. The stainless-steel veneer on the track ensures smooth and silent operation while preventing derailment.

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Reliable Door Repair addresses all these sliding door track repair challenges and many more. We maintain a wide range of parts to handle a variety of problems and can repair tracks for sliding doors of any brand or age.

Sliding Door Track Replacement Made Easy

Is your sliding door difficult to open, or does it only open halfway? The issue may lie in a bent or broken track, while dust on the sliding track might also hinder the door’s operation. We possess extensive experience in sliding door track replacement and will provide expert advice to address your specific situation. You can check online reviews or seek recommendations from our satisfied customers within the community.

Reliable Door Repair has proven to be the most dependable and cost-effective choice for sliding door track replacement. Our clients benefit from a one-year workmanship guarantee. In the event of an emergency due to a broken or twisted door track, we’re available 24/7 and will swiftly dispatch a team to assist.

Is your door only opening halfway or facing difficulties in operation?

reliable door repair can address your broken sliding door track with repair and replacement services for both residential and commercial properties. A broken or misaligned track or dirt accumulation on the track can make a sliding door challenging to open, often requiring excessive force. Let our sliding door repair specialists restore your door to its optimal function. We maintain a vast selection of high-quality repair materials, ensuring you won’t have to worry about sourcing the right components.

Our range of services includes:

Sliding door glass replacement
Aligning sliding patio doors
Emergency door repair
Lock and handle replacement
Sliding door roller/wheel replacement
Count on Reliable Door Repair for all your sliding door needs.

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